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IYT Sail Training - Bronze Level
IYT Sail Training - Bronze Level



Aims to improve confidence on all points of sailfor IYT Level 2, methods of launch and recovery and how to rig the boat. On completion, students should demonstrate a basic competency of sailing in light winds.


Practical Lessons Rigging, Launching & Recovery /组装,送船出海,归航

•Understands how to riga boat according to weather conditions / 了解在天气、风向的条件下对组装帆船的影响  

•Able to reef ashore according to weather conditions / 能够依据天气情况适当卷帆  

•Can rig and launch a boat in an onshore wind / 能够在近岸风时组装,出海

•Can recover and de-rig a boat in an onshore wind / 能够在近岸风时归航及拆卸帆船

Ropework /打绳结

•Reef knot / 平结

•Bowline / 水手结

•Clove hitch / 双套结

•Rolling hitch / 三套结

Sailing Techniques & Manoeuveres /航海技能&技巧移动

•Can demonstrate the 5 essentials / 能够演示五要素

•Can saila triangular course / 能够航行三角标

•Can tack upwind / 能够迎风转向

•Can gybe from a training run / 能够在侧顺风顺风过帆

•Can come alongside a moored boat / 能够靠上抛锚的船只

•Can pick up a mooring buoy / 能够顺利从水中拿球

•Can recover a man overboard / 能够在船上救人

•Can prepare for and take up a tow / 能够准备及接受牵引

•Awareness of lee shore dangers / 能够觉察下风危险

•Can operate effectively as helm or crew / 能够有效的充当指挥和船员的角色

Clothing & Equipment /服装和装备

•Knows importance of personal safety equipment / 了解个人安全装备的重要性

•Knows importance of boat buoyancy / 了解船只浮力的重要性

•Knows importance of basic safety equipment (anchor, paddle, bailer) / 了解 基本的安全装备(锚,桨,取水桶)

Capsize / 翻覆训练

•Can right a dinghy as helm or crew / 能够指挥和配合纠正帆船

•Knows how to recover from a total inversion / 了解如何将船从完全翻覆的情况下正过来

Theory / 理论 General / 概况

•Understands points of sail and No Go Zone / 理解帆的角度和不可航行的角度

•Understands how a sail works / 理解帆的工作原理

•Sea sailing: Charts, tide tables, springs & neaps, ebb & flow / 外海航行:图纸, 潮汐表,潮汐流量图册

•Effect of wind direction on tidal flow / 风向对潮汐流量的影响

•Effect of tide on sailing and sources of information / 潮汐对航海的影响和信息的来源  

•Estuaries and harbour mouths conditions and hazards / 海上及港口风口的情况及安全隐患      

•Inland sailing: basic advice / 近海航行:基本知识

•Understands a race course and starting procedure / 理解比赛航线及开始预备 令

Meteorology /气象学

•How to obtain a weather forecast / 如何获得天气预报

•Understands synoptic charts / 理解卫星云图

•Understands Beaufort Wind Scale / 理解Beaufort风的范围

•Knows when to reef / 了解何时卷帆

Rules of the Road /航线规则

•Has knowledge of and can apply IRPCS / 有相应知识并能[国际航海安全指令]

•Has basic knowledge of IALA buoyage / 有IALA浮标的基础知识

Test /测试

•Sail around a windward/leeward triangle course / 航行迎风/顺风三角航线

•Demonstrate 5 essentials / 熟知五要素

•Leave and return to a mooring / 离开及返回抛锚地

•Capsize and recovery / 翻覆及恢复


Club Service Center (Everyday from 8:30-17:00):
Address: No.588, Jinshang Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai